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Cambodia Economic Growth in 2014.

Cambodia is on the verge of economic prosperity that will take place in case of saving the constant demand for goods exporting from country. In the first quarter 2014 the economic growth made up 7,6 per cent and it is inclined to increase more under current circumstances.

Current US Economic Conditions.

We live in times of doubts; there is no confidence to media, but building on figures and real facts some decisions can be made and this must be taken into consideration. What economic juncture does USA experience? What dangers loom over USA economic growth? Will economic might of a country demonstrate increment? This article deals with answers on this actual questions.

Kenya's Economic Growth in 2014 and 2015.

Kenya, undoubtedly, is on increase, it’s average economic growth for the last four years has achieved 5%, this increment is made by growing turnover between Kenya and its main trade partners. Bumper harvest of exporting rain-fed agriculture has improved situation too.