What factors undermine the belief in successful signing the agreement on free trade area between USA and UK?

What factors undermine the belief in successful signing the agreement on free trade area between USA and UK?

For instance, USA has already leaped many hurdles in global negotiation processes. 

In 2008 when financial crisis was blossoming, US Trade Representative (USTR) made some concessions for pharmaceutical producers and let them deliver drugs to other countries thus break all agreements. Those manipulations let pharmaceutical industry survive, however; this was reached on the account of insolvency of foreign pharmaceutical companies. 

Therefore, the next problem faced by USA and UK is transparency. UK has revealed its negotiations attitude but USA’s one is being kept lid on it. Does Congress influence it? Alternatively, US Trade Representative? Wait for more! The other problem occurred to trade negotiations was made by tariffs – it is clear that many countries have taxes on large automobiles due to energy usage as well as ecological safety. However, this will not meet American car producers’ interests. Non-tariff barriers such as regulation and protectionism are very important for UK; however will USA make concessions if profits are at stake?

Having dealt with almost all crucial economic barriers to free trade agreement let us look at other social and cultural sides of this agreement.

  • Firstly it is clear that media of USA is controlled and behavior of society as well. Thus, foreign social and cultural elements are not welcome in USA. According to free trade agreement, UK insists on allowing showing in USA English films. Both countries are benefiting. On the one hand, USA collects taxes on another hand UK sells its product. However, USA is anxious to negotiate cultural questions because of fear of cultural expansion. 
  • Secondly, can English film compete with Hollywood blockbuster on attracting audience? Of course, it cannot.  However, Hollywood is not likely to lose money. Thus, the benefit of such cultural and social cooperation is enormous and costs are negligible. However, commercial interests not public or national make the priority. So the main question of negotiations is – will USA sacrifice public benefits to commercial interests? 

Therefore, the task of UK during those talks is to create regime serving public and commercial interests equally and UK is eager to sigh it! However, USA wants to create unreal mix of priority corporate interests and forgotten public interests, so if the corporate interests will be met but public ones will not, it is clear that agreement will not strengthen the economy and improve social well-being. Therefore, we can conclude that the process of negotiations is undemocratic and non-transparent on behalf of USA.

The position of Britain people is made in this video:

Finally, we can sum up that outlooks of that agreement for ordinary Americans are very low and even in UK people will benefit more than American ones. 

Let's hope Cameron had a point.

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