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Global Warming Effects On Society Consequences.

It is no secret that global warming is profoundly dangerous for humanity for a diverse set of reasons. All people on Earth are on the verge of peril. Due to effects carried out by temperature changes, the society and environment are shifting. This article deals with jeopardy hanging over humanity’s head.

Overview of Greece Immigration Policy and migration control.

There is as yet no purposeful coordination in Greece between external or internal border controls and the overall policy for managing migration flows and stocks. There is an increasing awareness among state authorities that migration cannot be stopped as long as dramatic socio-economic inequalities persist between sending and receiving countries and there is the demand and opportunity for informal work in the European labour markets. But little action has been taken to open up legal channels for migration.

Overview of Australia's Immigration Policy.

First of all, the spotlight should be casted to the role of immigration in the history of Australia and its positions today. This is what the article deals with. The main goal is to understand what dangers and outlooks immigration policy gives people today.

What is the role of indicators of socio economic development?

Indicators of Socio Economic Development are called for quality picture of current state of affairs. In general  Socio-economic development is the process of social and economic development in a society. Thus, the question as to the means of measurement of it is actual today.

Consequences of Obama's Immigration Policy in 2014

Obama's Immigration Policy has already taken public spotlight and people are keeping a keen eye on implications of it, especially in 2014. Some small changes in policy decisions will result in great fluctuations in life of USA.