Classification of wars

Classification of wars

We live in times of cold warfare. Meanwhile as almost all people associate cold warfare with the confrontation between former Soviet Union and the United States of America, thus thinking the cold war is over, the means of cold warfare have been implemented everywhere and constantly  during last seven thousand years and become the tool of global policy.

 On requests of our followers we give you the classification of wars, which will provide you with realizing the fact that war is the method of compulsion towards anybody, who is subject to follow somebody's interests rather than own ones. This article deals with observation of different warfare, however, all types of war are targeted at one global goal namely, subjection of losing party.

Firstly, let’s find out the difference between the cold war and hot war, they wary in means used while the war is put into practice. The tool of cold war is information and for another thing, the instrument of hot war is armed assault. In turn, the informational wars can be divided to methodological war, chronological war, ideological war, economic war and genetic methods of cold war. On the other hand, mainly, way of conducting the hot war is armed attack.

Methodological war is carried out by giving a person untruly information or not all information as to world around us. As a result man is unable to connect things and ascertain the causal effect. In other words, the methodological war is the method of influencing person’s mind on purpose to create the untrue view of world. Due to wrong realization of world, person will make mistakes which meet interests of men conducting methodological war. For example, the culture of thinking, it is very hard to find out in USA a man doubting the fact USA is democratic country. The idea, that USA is the light of democracy, was cultivated in mind of this man in school, then in university, by television and so on. But, in fact, can the country, where everything is controlled by intelligence services, be called democratic? The main goal of methodological war is making man unable to think critically and find out the real view of world. Mostly used tool of this type of war is providing person with untrue information beginning from school and finishing universities as well as television. First implementation of methodological war was found out in Ancient Egypt, where priests manipulated similar men and, even, pharaohs, by giving them the wrong knowledge about the world. Moreover in global policy as well as has become the tool of this war. It is widespread that globalization is objective procedure, but, let’s take a look at it once more, can the process fulfilled by men with interests, be objective? The answer is clear that almost everything is subjective, therefore, only man, free of methodological war influence, can realize this.

Chronological war is also performed by change of true facts to untrue ones. The fundamental tool of this type of war is providing people with incomplete knowledge in schools, universities and media. On the whole, men, carrying out chronological war are giving only historical facts; in the meantime they are keeping a lid on real motives of historical events. Beforehand we were speaking about the Civil War in the United States, as well as real motives of it, and we can show you another example of chronological war. It is widespread that Roman Empire was destroyed by barbarians, however it is untrue statement. The real reason, why Roman Empire fell, was the corruption and internal weakness of country, and, finally, the Fall of Roma Empire led in stages to the rise of church and Christianity, so, who became the real winner of this situation and is it stated in any textbooks? In global policy the chronological war is used too. It is rumored that globalization started thirty years ago, but the process of uniting began seven thousand years ago, when the tribes, on purpose to reach economic profitability, began uniting and consolidating resources. We also took a look at this problem in this article - here.

Ideological war is similar to methodological war, but, if the second one can suggest that man can think and have an opinion, so the first one treats people as flock, which is to be obeyed. The main tool of manipulating people in fulfilling this type of war, is giving people information regarding life and telling them what is good and what is bad. Thereby, in the name of good things, given by ideology, people is ready to die. For instance,  shaheeds are the best example of fanatics, who are ready to kill themselves due to religion. But let’s draw our attention to real benefiters of this situation, the only one who wins, is that, who carries out religion and calls people to sacrifice all in the name of things people even don’t understand! What has more importance for a human, science of religion? During the time of Inquisition, church cracked down on science, as a result everything, including medicine, went to hell. Unfortunately, God didn’t save any men, developed cancer, however all those facts were accurately hidden by ideology. In the terms of global policy, the ideological war is implemented too. It is broadcasted everywhere, that globalization is good; however uncontrolled flow of immigrants is the good consequence of globalization as well, isn’t it?

Ideological war

Economic war is the fight for demand between developed countries as well as countries with emerging economies, and the method of pressure to countries, which are not willing to obey to world rules. The economic war can be conducted by several ways; the first one is to compete with domestic production in foreign countries on quality and price, and then to fill the market of that country with your goods. As a result, the production in that country will face recession and this country will be on the lowest technological level, and you will finally end the economic war with this country with full occupation of its markets with your products. There is no secret that many countries are just extracting raw materials and then sell them abroad for money, which then is restricted between businessmen, who don’t care as to development of own country. Such countries as Russia, Nigeria, Iran and others ones are losing parties in economic war, what they will do if there is not any need for oil? It goes without saying, that economic war is one of the methods of global policy, for example, Mexican joined NAFTA due to fact it reached turning point in economic development , after IMF credits and awful usage of this money, Mexican went to NAFTA, what result of it? Almost all enterprises in Mexican are in property of American corporations. 

Economic war

Genetic weaponry is the means by which people are killed. However, it is really poignant way to kill human, whose aim in life is to consume and live in accordance with information, provided by media. Everyone clearly realizes the danger of alcohol, drugs and fast food, so it is up to you, live long or die in agony.

Drugs kill millions people monthly

A similar hot war is the arm attack. It is the fastest way to achieve the goals before men, creating war. The longest way to achieve goals is the methodological war. However the powerfulness of methodological war is the biggest, the examples of Roman Empire and Soviet Union underpin this point of view.

On 24.09.2013 Obama stated that USA would provide help to Egypt, if it would have implemented the democracy, but it is the brightest instance of ideological war. We reckon that democracy is the power of people, however, in the meantime, Obama thinks, that democracy in Egypt and other countries is the total compliance to USA.

Mark Twain once said "If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed." So we see that this is true even in terms of global policy.

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