Global problems. Will be they dealt with?

Global problems. Will be they dealt with?

Year by year, bit by bit, we face the problems in our life, caused by global policy. Bifurcation point is coming. Will we cope with it?

Firstly, let us arrange the contemporary problems of present world. Namely:

  • Overpopulation. The mail menace of it is the incapability of our planet to give good food and clear water to everyone.Global problems
  • Scarcity of resources. Natural gifts have been the main reason for wars lately.
  • Difficult economy system, which in fact robs the pockets of people by hard taxation system and inflation. Besides, global economic policy makes the javascript:void(0)downfall between poor and rich countries deeper.
  • Ecology. Two hundred years ago, our ancestors were aware of fact it is possible to drink water from rivers, we, in turn, know that it is even dangerous to drink tap water. Will we buy fresh air in future?

Global problems

  • Robotization. From economics, angle robotization minimizes the costs, however, on another hand, robots will replace people and as a result, the unemployment rate will lead all the records.

Besides in this article we marked out the means, causing the global problems. Let us learn them more detailed, undoubtedly, such happenings as hunger, deceases, other means of cold warfare, are the result of moves aimed at restricting the number of people. The theory of Golden Billion is actual and it is factually implemented nowadays. Many men, who realize present state of affairs, are puzzling their heads over one problem – how to survive? This issue has been already discussed in universities.

Overall, it is tremendous responsibility to suggest that somebody should do something, but we are going to provide you with some nuances being of use.

  • Try to carry out the healthy way of life. Love sport and hate unhealthy food.
  • Pull yourself together and question the information you are given.
  • Measure thrice and cut once. Always analyze what your movements will cause.

Once Albert Einstein said: “We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive”.

Obviously, he had the point. Does Obama share the ideas of great scientist?

Faithfully yours

See you.