Who is governing the global economy? And how we can avoid peril that it brings to us?

Who is governing the global economy? And how we can avoid peril that it brings to us?

The tremendous efforts are made to implement the idea that development of global economy is the objective process and nobody is conducting global policy.

In confirmation of the above we can see that there is internal policy, conducted within one country, and external policy, conducted towards other countries, both types of policy are performed by government of one country. Undoubtedly, global policy exists, but who is governing it and how we can eliminate some risks provided by it on our part?

A new point of view as to the topic of our discussion:

In order to find out who is the main ruler of global policy, let’s examine positive implications of globalization and ascertain who the benefiter of it is. The best consequences of global economy are made by internationalization of borders, allowing free movement of goods and services, but do people of the world benefit? For one thing they do, due to fact they have a variety of products on the shelves in supermarkets, but for another thing, if country of these people is not well-developed, those men will suffer on account of  economic recessions. The only one who keeps lid on real movers of global policy and global economy is the real initiators of movement. Neither presidents nor people do not earn such revenue as companies do, from the global economy. The best example is the American lobbyism which is protected by law. So that companies provide global policy aimed at increase in business activity all over the world.

Therefore people of our planet are too involved in the process of global policy; we buy foreign products, face immigrants. How we can overcome problems given by globalization? It is very vital question, for instance you were hired from your plant because of very high cost of products your plant produces. As a result you have suffered from global economic policy

Increasingly, circumstances around us can change subsequently, thereby prepare to face it and avoid the coming overthrow of your life.

  1. Be more flexible. Try to live according circumstances around you. Find out new ways to survive.
  2. Try to forecast crisis. Make Plan B, if you are not sure that tomorrow will be as bright as today.
  3. Never give up. Even after some failure you are to continue struggle.

Jeannette Walls said next words as to our topic – “Sometimes you need a little crisis to get your adrenaline flowing and help you realize your potential.” So prepare yourself and nobody will surprise you.

Faithfully Yours.