Will be the traffic jams dealt with? The Road A14 experiment.

Will be the traffic jams dealt with? The Road A14 experiment.

Every day we are suffering from traffic jams, wasted time, bad condition as well as deceases, those ones are the main consequences of jams.

The government of United Kingdom decided to crack down on jams.

Jams in Great Britain

Traffic will be managed by a network of sensors, sending signals to and from mobile phones in moving vehicles. Will we make use of it?

The government is eager to implement the technology, allowing the computer system to analyse the current situation on road and make anything to avoid the traffic jams, the first road to be improved is the A14 between Felixstowe and Birmingham. The total costs amount to £1.5bn. Overall, the operation of preventing the traffic jams will look in such way: sensors on the road analyse the situation, send the signals to the on-board computers, which, in turn, will take control over the speed of your car by managing the engine. However, if you are not inclined to follow advices of computer, you can turn it off and drive as you wish.

A14 road

However, the necessity of means, which can bring down the jams, really exists; this is proven by such data:

Will it really help to cope with traffic jams?

In fact, this innovation can facilitate the situation with constantly occurring jams. However, you as a driver will face both advantages and disadvantages of it. Before we get started to examine the strong and weak sides of this innovation. It is possible to say that in the near future, this technology will be put into practice anywhere; Google underpins this project, and in confirmation of Google interest in this idea, it is known that company is already developing a computer-driven car, which uses cameras, radar, and range finders to detect obstacles and other vehicles. The power of corporations we have already discussed in this article - Authority of corporations.


  • Opportunity to avoid jams, relying on on-board computer.
  • The decrease of pressure on police caused by constant accidents and unusual road situations.


  • The right to decide how to drive by yourself.
  • Computer controlled by Google and government is able to impose speed of your car.
  • The peril of inefficiency of this innovation, if all drivers ignore the computers?

London jams

This project is realized with budget money.

It is interesting, will Barak Obama, famous fan of innovations, leap many hurdles to implement it in USA?  For instance, this video shows that Google smart car can change the driver at all.

Once singer Moby said next words, being expressed by tremendous traffic jams: “Traffic terrifies me”. May be in near future traffic will meet all his desired.

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