Ukraine protests. Most epic moments.

Ukraine protests. Most epic moments.

Ukraine protests

We offer you a series of videos that describe the events in Ukraine nowadays...


Here are 2 videos that show the most exciting moments of the revolution:

1 - Chronicles of Euromaidan. Ukraine protests 2014.



2 - Ukrainian revolution 2014. Best moments.



And this is peaceful demonstration? What would the police of other countries do with them?

Hrushevskoho st events:

 It all started on January 19 at about 15:00 near the stadium "Dinamo". A group of radical protesters numbering several hundred people tried to break through a police barrier to the building of the Verkhovna Rada. Ukraine protests. They demanded the cancellation of a number laws from January 16, which severely restrict the rights and freedoms of citizens. A conflict arose. The police was suffering: petard, stones , firecrackers, molotov cocktails... For its part Berkut used stun grenades, tear gas and water cannons. The number of victims on both sides are of thousands, about 10 citizens have died. Burned almost all buses and trucks, which police blocked the street Hrushevskoho at the collision point.

Full article: Revolution in Ukraine

3 - Virulent attack



4 - Police suffers from molotov cocktails:



Even so SWAT were allowed to attack:

5 - 22.01.14 police attack HIGHLIGHTS



6 - Berkut mocks man



7 - Ukrainian police brutality



Detailed videos of attack:

8 - Grushevsky police attack 22.01.14



9 - Ukraine 22.01.14. Police attack. First-person.



10 - Euromaydan Grushevskogo newsreel. Ukrainian opposition.



11 - 300 Berkut warriors. The Wall.



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