Assistive technology for special education today.

Assistive technology for special education today.

At present world faces an increment of children with disabilities, the reasons leading to such consequences are not subject to our article, but at present juncture the demand for special tools enabling specific children to learn will grow.

Firstly, it should be mentioned that different suggestions such as stopping of adopting special children and so on, are to be ceased. Such children are the part of global society and it must be underscored. The main goal of assistive technology is to develop the abilities to work and progress on the one hand, and annihilate downsides of children that are in their way to study and pick up knowledge.

Thus, assistive technology devices helps a child to be immersed in the process of learning new material by improving advantages for the one thing and coping with disadvantages for another thing. Number of tools available on market is rapidly growing today and it is outrageously to the same extend. While children are trying to become the full-fledged members of society, some financial or economic problems can hinder them as well as due to plenty of assistive technology tools on the market some parents take pains to choose a right device suitable for child’s needs.

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assistive technology for special education

Despite the fields of implementation of devices required for studying of special children are sharing only next main areas can be outlined: Listening, Math, Organization and memory, Reading, Writing.

assistive technology for special education today

Sometimes parents are keen on usage of tools not influencing child’s health, eyes, for instance, and insist on means that are hand-made. But, usually, all assistive technology devices are applied to computer hardware and software. Therefore, the final list with necessary equipment is like this:

- Abbreviation expanders;

- Alternative keyboards;

- Audio books and publications;

- Electronic math work sheets;

- Freeform database software;

- Graphic organizers and outlining;

- Information/data managers;

- Optical character recognition;

- Personal FM listening systems;

- Portable word processors;

- Proofreading programs;

- Speech-recognition programs;

- Speech synthesizers/screen readers;

- Talking calculators;

- Talking spell checkers and electronic dictionaries;

- Variable-speed tape recorders;

- Word-prediction programs;

In the long run, we believe that this material will be found helpful by you and it will improve and develop child’s skills to understand the world around.

assistive technology for special education present

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