Reasons of Acts of terrorism in Volgograd.

Reasons of Acts of terrorism in Volgograd.

Recently global public has been shaken up by heinous blasts in Volgograd. It is not the fisrt time when Russia is chosen as the target for terrorist attack.

Two large blasts stirred up Volgograd on the New Year Eve. Suicide attacker exploded himself at the building of railway station on the 29th December. As a result 17 men died. Moreover, on 30th December trolleybus with passengers was exploded by hand-made bomb. According to official data 14 men died. 

And at the time when all world leaders sympathize with Russian people about the loss of their men as well as government is making steps to ease distress, alas, a few people are trying to compile information and make an effort to deal with the real reasons of acts of terrorism in Volgograd. Unlike another media analysis of this tradegy on this site is not carried out on the intersection of emotions, interests of somebody and this article discovers real facts based on figures, thus, it cannot be referred to that one people wade through.

Reams of media are broadcasting that blasts are meant to be an attempt to spoil Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. However, despite of the conveying this statement by almost all media, intuitively, it is clear for everyone that there are another reasons behind blasts:

  • If external enemies of Russia were interested in failure of Olympics in Sochi, the acts of terrorism were most likely to take place in Sochi not in Volgograd. 
  • The foreign powers interested in spoiling the great sport event in Sochi would apply to complex blow on reputation on Russia and except blasts, the robust informational attack on Russia would be carried out. Proof of this is the wrong interpretation of facts during Russian and Georgian war in 2008. But contrary to this, the global media are not casting public spotlight to Russia and the only subject for their criticism is the unacceptance of Russian society the values of West culture.
  • Experience does count. After the war in Chechnya the anti-terrorist measures were intensified in Russia, therefore, if Federal Security Service was unaware of preparations for an act, it means that header of this body must be put out to pasture. For instance, in USA National Security Agency is aware of all information concerning possible movements of terrorists. No doubt that Russian intelligence service possesses tools required to control all information regarding acts of terrorism. And if it didn't make something to crack down on preparing blasts, this signals or about the internal barriers poped up in the face of Federal Security Service either direct order not to intrude on the terrorists' business.

Volgograd blasts

Thereby, it is possible to usher in internal reasons of acts of terrorism in Volgograd. And, fairly, the question about the men responsible for this act raises, who is nimble to carry out this attack? 

Actually, Federal Security Service and Caucasus separatists are able of performing such acts. The confrontation between Russia and Caucasus people started a long time ago and it will blossoming from present ad infinitum, after all. Separatists don't want to undergo painful changes concerned with the integration to Russia and therefore find the only way to striggle for independence by all possible means, including acts of terrorism.

So, if the terrorist are responsible for blasts, it is strong failure of Federal Security Service that missed the mark to cope with terrorist menace. And the acts were carried out on the New Year eve to attract attention of all world to the ignorant Federal Security Service and successful rigorous act of separatists aimed at cowing people before the Sochi Olympics.

Terror in Volgograd

The business activity in Volgograd is performed by Russian and Caucasus businessmen and the city mayor makes favours for Caucasus businessmen who gives more bribes and underpins mayor, presumably, these blasts are the result of internal confrontation in Volgograd on purpose to get one's opponent under by a diverse set of means including human deaths. But is really Russian special service so weak to deal with local business tension? Besides, in favour of this suggestion is the fact that after blasts and implementation of martial law hundreds of Caucasus people supposedly participated in organizing blasts, were detained on these days.

On the other hand, if Russian government is behind blasts, these acts can be meant to strength the military influence before the Olympics as well as to distract Russians attention from economic and political problems to national security. Why it is so neccesary for Russian government to distract attention of people? During the preparation for Sochi Olympics, piles of money were wasted and major part of money stayed in officials' pockets. And undoubtedly, taxpayers will ask for the usage of money, finally. And the best tool to stir up Russian society is the acts of terrorism aimed at destabilization of common life. 

Volgograd blasts

The happening when goverment applies for explodes to become eligible for illegal actions, is not rare occurance, after all. Just remind the act used by Germany to go on war with Poland in 1939. German soldiers disguised as Poland ones, attacked German radio station and within few hours Germany declared war on Poland. This brought the beggining of the biggest and bloody war in the all history of humanity.

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